Mango Languages French Review

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With a basic and fundamentalist approach, Mango Languages is an easy way to learn French online. Mango Languages is a well developed system, calling on the necessities of language learning to aid you in your quest to become a fluent French speaker. You will learn grammar, vocabulary, and basic conversational phrases through their basic flashcard system, leading through 100 total lessons to raise you to the French speaking level you desire.

Mango Languages presents the information to help you learn French online in a relaxed environment using a flashcard interface. The flashcard system allows you to take the lessons at your own pace, reviewing and perfecting your technique as you go. You can choose when to move on and to review as you go. Using the flashcards, you can hover over words to show you how they are pronounced and you will listen to a native French speaker for the entirety of your course. You can choose to activate an English speaking narrator that will guide you through the course and offer speaking tips.

Along with the course materials, you can choose a vocabulary review and a phrasebook review to recall the information you’ve learned in the lesson you are currently working on as well as previous lessons. Also included are helpful and interesting cultural and grammar notes, helping you to grasp the reasoning behind the development of the language and the culture you are entering into.

While Mango Languages has no community focused aspects, it reinforces the personal nature of your language learning. While your recorded virtual tutor will guide you with helpful notes and hints, there is no sense of community learning otherwise.

Phone lines and email services are open for technical, sales, and general questions, though most support traffic is handled via their online support requests.


If you’re looking to learn French online with a solid foundation in the basics while accruing basic knowledge of French culture, Mango Languages is a useful service. While it lacks in community based learning, Mango Languages is still a strong program that will help you achieve your French speaking goals.